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Strategic Branding & Website Design



Client Overview:

Michigan Alliances Corporation, a privately owned company, embarked on its journey to foster growth in Michigan through its subsidiaries and a non-profit entity. The subsidiaries include Arcadia Alliances and Arcadia Travel & Tour, along with the Michigan Alliances Foundation. With a strong focus on strategic planning, operational efficiency and management services, Michigan Alliances Corporation has over 35 years of expertise in supporting businesses in their growth endeavors.


Client Objectives:

Michigan Alliances Corporation, along with its subsidiary Arcadia Alliances, sought to establish a strong brand presence, particularly in the U.S. market. The client aimed to showcase its comprehensive range of services, including strategic planning, operational efficiency and collaboration with corporate partners offering legal, corporate benefits, tax, accounting and marketing services. Additionally, Arcadia Alliances required a compelling pitch deck for effective client engagement.




Logo and Branding Design:

TMG commenced the project by designing distinctive logos and comprehensive branding strategies for both Michigan Alliances Corporation and Arcadia Alliances. The design process involved capturing the essence of the brands' services, its commitment to growth and its Michigan-centric focus. The logos were crafted to convey professionalism, experience and adaptability.


Website Development:

TMG proceeded to develop individualized websites for Michigan Alliances Corporation and Arcadia Alliances. The websites were designed to be user-friendly, informative and reflective of the brands' corporate DNA. The content highlighted the array of services offered, the company's story and its collaborations with corporate partners. The websites were optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience. TMG also facilitated the translation of the Arcadia Alliances website into Japanese and Korean, enhancing accessibility for its target audience.


Pitch Deck Design for Arcadia Alliances:

Understanding the significance of a compelling pitch deck, TMG crafted a visually appealing and informative presentation for Arcadia Alliances. The pitch deck emphasized the subsidiary's strengths, experience and unique value proposition. Visual elements, infographics and concise content were utilized to engage potential clients and partners effectively.




Enhanced Brand Identity:

The logos and branding strategies created by TMG successfully enhanced the brand identity of Michigan Alliances Corporation and Arcadia Alliances. The design elements conveyed professionalism, trustworthiness, and a commitment to client success.


User-Friendly Websites:

The developed websites for both brands not only provided a platform to showcase their services but also delivered a positive user experience. The intuitive design and informative content contributed to increased engagement and better communication of the brands' offerings.


Compelling Pitch Deck:

Arcadia Alliances' pitch deck designed by TMG became a powerful tool for client engagement. The visually appealing presentation, coupled with strategic messaging, positioned Arcadia Alliances as a reliable partner for U.S. businesses looking to expand globally.



TMG's strategic approach to branding, web development, and pitch deck design contributed significantly to Michigan Alliances Corporation and Arcadia Alliances' efforts to establish a strong market presence. The comprehensive solutions provided by TMG aligned seamlessly with the clients' objectives, resulting in enhanced brand visibility and effective communication of their unique value propositions.

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