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Eaton’s Vehicle Group is among the leading suppliers developing technologies to help commercial vehicle manufacturers reduce emissions to meet increasingly stringent global regulations. Eaton has or is developing, an array of technologies from variable valve actuation (VVA) to an air-cooled electric catalyst heater controller, and in a joint development agreement with Tenneco has produced an integrated exhaust thermal management system, all of which can significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions and lower fuel consumption. The Millerschin Group has helped Eaton create awareness and generate demand as it has brought the technologies to market.


Draft, distribute and pitch press releases focused on Eaton’s technologies that reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency; search for opportunities for Eaton leaders and engineers to speak or participate in panels at key industry events; pitch Eaton experts for interviews with key media; and promote Eaton-hosted webinars. 


The Millerschin Group, through a series of press releases, media interviews and promotion of an Eaton-Tenneco hosted webinar, helped build awareness of Eaton’s technologies. TMG wrote, distributed and pitched press releases on: cylinder deactivation (CDA) and VVA as effective technologies for diesel engines to meet future global emissions requirements; Eaton receiving a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant to develop technologies to remove emissions from agricultural equipment; eMobility’s introduction of an eHeater for diesel engines to help reduce emissions; and three press releases to promote Eaton’s technologies for the 2022 IAA Transportation Show. Eaton’s emissions-reduction and fuel-efficiency technologies were covered in more than 45 key trade commercial vehicle trade publications ranging from Diesel Progress to Today’s Trucking. 
Transport Topics interviewed Eaton’s Dr. Mihai Dorobantu for a feature article on how drivetrain/powertrain suppliers are helping truck manufacturers improve fuel efficiency and meet tighter emissions and fuel economy standards. The article published Sept. 19, 2022.
TMG secured a spot for Eaton’s Justin Hopkins to participate in a panel discussion focused on cylinder deactivation and active catalyst heating at the Diesel Progress Summit in Chicago. TMG also pitched Eaton and Tenneco’s webinar on the co-developed integrated exhaust thermal management system. Several editors from key trade media watched the webinar live and TMG secured an interview for Eaton’s Jim McCarthy and Tenneco’s Tom Harris with Commercial Carrier Journal senior editor Tom Quimby.  

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