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  • Promote Eaton’s announcement of the launch of its eMobility Business.

  • Build brand awareness for eMobility, its products and leadership team among its key target audiences: automotive, commercial vehicle, electronics and technology. 

  • Position eMobility as focused on developing new products and technologies, including smart diagnostic technologies, intelligent power electronics and predictive health monitoring, to further strengthen Eaton’s global capabilities and deliver intelligent electrification products and solutions to passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-highway customers.

    • Develop and distribute a press release. 

      • Develop key messages.

      • Develop calendar of activities and opportunities.


  • Developed and distributed a press release showcasing the eMobility business, its products, capabilities and expertise – combining products, expertise and global manufacturing capabilities from Eaton’s Electrical and Vehicle businesses.

  • Pitch the press release and interviews to key automotive, commercial vehicles, technology and local media.

    • Translate press release to Chinese and German for distribution to key markets in Asia and Europe.

  • Developed key messages and Q&A to prepare eMobility spokespeople for interviews.

    • Focus on:

      • eMobility as a combination of products, expertise and global manufacturing capabilities from Eaton’s Electrical and Vehicle businesses.

      • Eaton as a leader in vehicle electrification with more than 15 years of expertise in developing hybrid systems with more than 15,000 HEV and PHEV systems on the road in the U.S., Europe, China and other Asia-Pacific markets.

      • Eaton as a leading supplier of high-voltage, fast-acting fuses in nearly 50 percent of global electrified cars, and power electronics on a leading European battery-electric vehicle platform.

      • Eaton’s extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics and safety standards.

      • Eaton’s experience managing high-voltage power distribution, circuit protection and advanced electric power quality systems.

  • Participated in Eaton’s eMobility training class for sales and support staff to learn more about eMobility and its products and capabilities, and meet its team.

  • Pitched story under embargo to key automotive and commercial vehicle media

    • Scheduled and conducted interviews under embargo for Jeff Lowinger, eMobility President, and Scott Adams, eMobility senior vice president, with: Automotive News, AutoBeat Daily; Heavy Duty Trucking; Manufacturing Engineering; Today’s Trucking; Transport Topics; WardsAuto; WWJ-AM CBS Radio

  • Supported eMobility at CAR Management Briefing Seminars in August.

    • Scott Adams participated in “Electrification Strategy: Batteries, Motors, and Cars.”

    • Pitched and facilitated interviews for Jeff Lowinger with Automotive Design & Production/AutoBeat Daily, Forbes and WardsAuto, and for Scott Adams with Automotive News TV, Manufacturing Engineering, Reuters, and SAE International.


  • Media coverage in more than 150 publications in the U.S., China and Europe.

  • Ad value of coverage exceeded $250,000.

  • Key media coverage included articles in:

    • Automotive News, the primary source of industry news, data and understanding for the industry's decision-makers in North America. Automotive News has more than 55,000 subscribers and gets more than 2.6 million monthly online visitors.

    • Green Car Congress, an influential publication focused on energy, technologies, issues and policies for sustainable mobility.

    • Gasgoo, China’s leading professional information service platform for the automotive industry. Gasgoo has millions of active daily users.

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