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Provide greater visibility for TMG clients when participating in the annual Management Briefing Seminars (MBS). TMG created a special event for the media using the schooner Manitou for a two-hour cruise on Grand Traverse Bay. This “informal” gathering is co-sponsored by TMG as well as clients and has become one of the highlights of MBS for the media.


• Coordinate all communication with co-sponsors and media

• Prepare and distribute invitation to co-sponsors

• Prepare and distribute invitation to the media

• Handle all follow-up with co-sponsors and media

• Manage all catering

• Coordinate all transportation to and from the schooner

• Handle all signage

• Recommend and secure gifts for the media

• Arrange for and coordinate after-glow


• Typically attended by approximately 20 trade and business journalists

• Many media have joined us numerous times and say they look forward to the annual cruise

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